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Our Button Gwinnett course is based on an American design and features 13 lakes

The magnificent Button Gwinnett Course with its rolling views of the Vale is a little gem. Based more on an American design with a number of water features spread over the 18 holes this course offers challenges for all categories of golfers. A fantastic finishing hole awaits you in full view of the club house!

The course is named after a former resident and one of the fifty-six men to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776, cementing his title as one of America’s immortals. His unusual forename was a homage to his uncle Sir Thomas Button, a naval explorer most famous for charting the American northwest coast.


Hole by hole tour

Golfing tips & information

Par 4 | White tee 311 yards SI 15 | Yellow tee 300 yards SI 15 | Red tee 300 yards SI 16

A gentle start to the round with a straight forward drive and a second shot into an elevated green. Handy tip – keep the driver in the bag.

Par 3 | White tee 147 yards SI 18 | Yellow tee 143 yards SI 18 | Red tee 105 yards SI 18

Not a long Par 3 however the prevailing wind makes for a good club selection. Handy tip – it’s further than you think!

Par 4 | White tee 442 yards SI 1 | Yellow tee 400 yards SI 1 | Red tee 365 yards SI 4

A long hole, tree lined on the right then a tricky shot into the green surrounded by water. Handy tip - better to be slightly short of green unless you have only left a short shot in.

Par 4 | White tee 419 yards SI 3 | Yellow tee 363 yards SI 3 | Red tee 350 yards SI 8

A sharp dog leg to the left with water all down the left. Handy tip – take a club off the tee which will give you 200 yds and the black and white fairway marker post is the line.

Par 5 | White tee 505 yards SI 9 | Yellow tee 498 yards SI 9 | Red tee 411 yards SI 10

A sweeping uphill hole slightly dog legged which plays its length, there are a couple of right side fairway bunkers with out of bounds beyond those. Handy tip – the tee can set you off line so ensure you align yourself off the tee correctly.

Par 4 | White tee 384 yards SI 8 | Yellow tee 359 yards SI 8 | Red tee 328 yards SI 12

A blind hole from the tee however with a good drive you can see down to the large Mackenzie green. Handy tip – aim for the black and white post when driving off the tee.

Par 5 | White tee 513 yards SI 11 | Yellow tee 504 yards SI 11 | Red tee 457 yards SI 2

Uphill drive and slight dog leg to the left, the shot into the green is very tricky as it has a very narrow entrance surrounded by bunkers. Handy tip- ensure you leave yourself a shot to the green that you can play between those bunkers.

Par 4 | White tee 377 yards SI 5 | Yellow tee 363 yards SI 5 | Red tee 335 yards SI 6

Slight dogleg to the right playing downhill to an island green. Handy tip - if you don't get a good drive away then play short of the green as there is no bail out area around the green.

Par 3 | White tee 166 yards SI 14 | Yellow tee 155 yards SI 14 | Red tee 139 yards SI 14

Challenging par 3 with water down the left side and a large bunker in front of this green. Handy tip - better to be long!

Par 4 | White tee 374 yards SI 2 | Yellow tee 355 yards SI 2 | Red tee 324 yards SI 7

The most difficult driving hole on this course and then you play into a plateau green. Handy tip - keep straight!

Par 5 | White tee 503 yards SI 13 | Yellow tee 485 yards SI 13 | Red tee 442 yards SI 3

Nice hole playing a dogleg to the right, the green is situated so that any long ball runs off and down a steep slope. Handy tip – aim for the black and white post off the tee.

Par 3 | White tee 190 yards SI 10 | Yellow tee 185 yards SI 10 | Red tee 160 yards SI 15

An excellent long hole with bunker left and right. Handy tip – don’t be long.

Par 4 | White tee 349 yards SI 12 | Yellow tee 314 yards SI 12 | Red tee 295 yards SI 13

A great short hole, however, tricky with bunkers in the middle of the fairway and a very large bunker to the right of the green. Handy tip- leave the driver in the bag.

Par 4 | White tee 341 yards SI 7 | Yellow tee 321 yards SI 7 | Red tee 297 yards SI 5

A reasonably short but severe dogleg hole to the right with trees and water all the way down the right side and the green slightly on a plateau. Handy tip – keep to the left.

Par 4 | White tee 345 yards SI 17 | Yellow tee 321 yards SI 17 | Red tee 300 yards SI 11

Playing your tee shot across a lake of some distance downhill to a semi blind straight hole. Handy tip – just keep to the black and white post.

Par 3 | White tee 160 yards SI 16 | Yellow tee 163 yards SI 16 | Red tee 154 yards SI 17

Designed with the 16th of the Masters in mind, playing over water all the way and a well placed bunker on the right making it a tricky little hole. Handy tip – keep your head down!

Par 4 | White tee 319 yards SI 4 | Yellow tee 307 yards SI 4 | Red tee 303 yards SI 1

Probably the hardest hole on this course with a difficult uphill drive and then playing between the trees to an elevated green. The green is only small and not easy to putt on. Handy tip – aim for the bunker off the tee.

Par 4 | White tee 335 yards SI 6 | Yellow tee 305 yards SI 6 | Red tee 285 yards SI 9

Lovely finishing hole not the longest however having to play over water for your second shot makes it very interesting. Handy tip – keep left of centre with your drive.