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Cottrell Park is permitted to change its single play policy from Monday 1st June – a statement from Derek Smith, General Manager.

New measures for the changes - “buddy up”.

Important: Always maintain the 2-metre distant rule.

Cottrell Park welcomes you to invite another member or “guest “to have a game of golf with. The relaxation of the latest ruling, where a household can now meet another household, you may now join up and have a game of golf together (2 ball).

In theory, if there is more than one member from each household meeting another household who also has more than one member, this could mean a 3 or even 4 ball.

IMPORTANT - What to do with existing 1 ball bookings:

If you already have single ball bookings but would now like to 'buddy up' please ensure you only cancel ONE of the Tee times via the online system. Please maintain the other time as if you cancel you may not be able to rebook due to the high volume of bookings. You won't be able to add the other Member to the existing booking but we will adjust this with the Marshalls on the day, so just turn up together.

For new bookings you can now enter the membership number of the player you are playing with. The system should them send you both an email confirming the booking details.


It has now been two weeks since reopening and on Monday 1st June, golf is permitted to move forward from single ball which is very good news for all.

We are only reserving tee times for members and guests only.

The feedback from all members has been inspiring, warm and so friendly, and continues to make us - as a team - feel very proud to be part of Cottrell Park in these very difficult times.

The weather is simply stunning and challenging at the same time; for those old enough, it reminds me of 1976. We are constantly irrigating with the greens remaining lush; however, the rest of the areas now are looking a little like a seaside link course.

Finally, our thoughts must remain with those who have suffered and who have lost loved ones, and to thank all key workers for their outstanding contributions.

Suspended membership fees due to present COVID-19 crisis

With the announcement on 23rd March 2020 instructing all golf clubs must close, we took the decision that all membership fees were to be immediately suspended, including collection of direct debit payments.

It has been decided that as we are opening on Monday 18th May 2020, we shall continue to suspend the membership fees until 1st June 2020, thus members will receive the rest of May free of charge.

Your new official membership renewal date will therefore be set for 1st June 2021, continuing with this date annually.

Direct debit memberships:

Cottrell Park Ltd hereby gives notice to all direct debit paying members whose payments are called for on the 15th of each month, that payments will now be called for on the 1st of each month beginning on 1st June 2020.

Outstanding membership fees:

A reminder to those members who have not paid for 2020 please do so immediately, as you will not be permitted on the course. You can do this by contacting where they will call you to take the payment over the phone. Once we have received payment, then your new membership renewal date will be set for 1st June 2021.

Please read the below rules and new measures we have put in place at Cottrell Park.

We need you to adhere to all the rules, which are in place for yourselves and our staff safety whilst here at Cottrell Park playing GOLF only.

These measures will be all subject to change as time and restrictions change.

Please remember to bring your own sanitiser.

NO TOILET FACILITIES: All toilet facilities will be closed (until further notice).

NO COFFEE MACHINE: The coffee machine will not be operational (until further notice).

  • Please use our online booking facility to book (if you haven’t got your passwords/user names, telephone in for assistance or email There will be limited staff resource on duty and restricted opening times, for those members who do not have access to online bookings.
  • We do not accept physical booking of tee times in the shop.
  • 2 ball tee time per slot (please see above on this page for instructions).
  • Tee times will be available from 7.30am – 6pm (subject to review).
  • Open 7.15 am daily.
  • Do not arrive any sooner than 10 minutes prior to your pre-booked tee time.

If there is a requirement to go into the shop, then….

  • All payments by contactless means only (no cash will be accepted).
  • Members discount cards will not be accepted during this period for contact and hygiene reasons.
  • Customers will be discouraged from touching any hard services, equipment etc unless they intend to purchase.
  • A maximum of 1 person in the shop at any one time (2-metre rule applies).
  • 2-metre queue spacing in and out of the shop.
  • Fix screening to front counter.
  • Until the Government guidelines change, our bars & restaurant remains closed. We will permit all members to bring their own food & drink.
  • This is a lower risk area as it is an outdoor space.
  • We always ask members to social distance.
  • Spaces to be left between cars where possible.
  • Adhere to the 1 way in and 1 way out system indicated by arrows.
  • Members to change shoes etc in car park.
  • Staff to be in attendance.
  • You will be discouraged from using the shop unless necessary.
  • To be pre-booked by telephone.
  • No forms to fill in - however the member will be liable for any damage.
  • Sanitising station will be available on entering/exiting.
  • A maximum of 1 person in the shop at any one time (2-metre rule applies).
  • Fix screening to front counter.
  • Limited staff.
  • Members will be asked to exit the shop promptly once they have either made a purchase, hired equipment, or asked any relevant questions.
  • Please respect staff & fellow members' wellbeing.
  • Members who have lockers will be asked to empty them on their first visit and not return their belongings until further guidelines are given.
  • Social distancing (2-metre rule applies) throughout the round.
  • Always leave the flag in the hole.
  • Golfers wipe their own golf balls on their own towel.
  • Golfers to carefully remove their own golf ball from the hole - scroll down this page to watch Derek demonstrate this technique in a video.
  • Do not share any equipment, such as golf clubs or rangefinders.
  • Golfers should only pick up their own ball.
  • One Scorecard per tee time if required.
  • Do not shake hands before or after your round.
  • Sanitise your hands before and after playing your round.
  • Rakes have been removed and local rule applies of a free drop nearest point of relief from feet marks within the bunker.
  • Do not look for lost golf balls, drop another ball and keep speed of play going (stroke & distance).
  • Do not touch the Flags. Always encourage “give me puts”. (Gimmie)
  • Airlines for cleaning shoes are closed.
  • Single use of golf buggies unless in the same household.
  • Return the buggy to the shop front where the staff will sanitise.
  • We kindly ask as you are bringing your own food & drink that you take your own rubbish away as we have removed all bins off the course temporarily.
  • All ball washers are out of use and are covered over.
  • All warning bells are not in use and are covered over. Please be mindful of those playing in front.

Watch Derek, our General Manager, demonstrate how golfers should remove golf balls from each hole:

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.