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Latest Update – Tuesday 3rd November 


Dear All,

So far the weather has been awful however, rest assure the Greens Team have been busy not just last week, but also prior to that.

Please find a series of images below of the two projects we are currently completing at present.

The old 8th Green has been removed, as the turf was required to complete the new practice putting green on the 1st Macintosh this is now an extended pond. On the 8th green, we listened to the feedback of our Members and have softened the collar by raising it all around and adding a hidden bunker on the right (not shown). The front of the green has been extended

On the Fairway, the hump has been removed, again softening the area and general approach. All of these areas have been re-turfed so the Green can be back in play sooner.

On the 1st of the Mackintosh, we have now turfed the new practice green and will complete turfing the collar over the next two weeks as we finish the contouring around the two practice bunkers. A Practice driving net has also been erected in this area. This area now will boast a green, two bunkers, extensive chipping area and a driving net which we feel adds an excellent overall practice facility prior to you playing your round.

Over 4000 people have now signed the below petition to promote Golf for the important Health and Mental Wellbeing of those wishing to continue to play, and I ask you to please forward this to as many golfers you know to sign it, because if it get s to 5000 signatures, it has to be debated in the Assembly.

May I take this opportunity of thanking the mass majority of our Membership for supporting us during this fire break with many emails and words of encouragement received. It is tough and I must say that thankfully it is not July.  Please rest assure that behind the scenes, work continues to ensure you have a Club to be very proud of.

Stay safe and we all look forward to seeing you all back shortly.

Derek Smith – General Manager


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