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We're so pleased to share that our reopening on 18th May 2020 was captured by WalesOnline, who spoke to Derek, our General Manager, about the occasion.

In the article, they write of the impact felt by golf resorts like ours, and by golfers who are ready to exercise and nurture their mental and physical wellbeing.

Glen Williams writes, "Though the game will look slightly different for some, the prospect of stepping back on to that first tee box today had never been more alluring for many. At Cottrell Park, a club in Cardiff which boasts two courses, there were wall-to-wall bookings all day on both of their two courses, the Button Gwinnett and Mackintosh.

"Obviously we run two golf courses here and we've got tee times booked from 7.30am to 5pm," general manager Derek Smith said.

"We are fully booked on both courses all day, predominantly one balls.

"Most of them are living in the locality. We are in St Nicholas, so it's very rural and not that easy to walk to, but they have been very local, St Nicholas, Bonvilston, Cowbridge at a push.

"Speaking to the customers this morning, they are very pleased with the protocols we have put in place, they feel very safe, and they are very pleased to get out there, do some exercise and take the sticks with them, so to speak. I'm looking forward to getting some feedback off them when I wander around and speak to them at a social distance.

"It's put a lot of smiles on people's faces given these dreadful times we are currently living in."

We reopened on 18th May 2020 with stringent rules & measures in place to keep staff and customers safe.

Due to the nature of golfing in wide, open spaces, we're lucky to be able to accommodate the 2 metre social distancing rules.

We're also able to offer a restricted service in regards to our shop and facilities, with very clear instructions on how members should move about and use our space.

Our fantastic members - who have waited a long time to golf again! - are co-operating wonderfully, with respect for our rules and for each other.

Many thanks to Glen Williams & WalesOnline for covering our reopening!

While we hope to return to normality soon, we certainly won't be rushing it - please read our full reopening notice & rules before you visit.

Photo of Derek taken by Rob Browne.

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