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As planned, Cottrell Park reopened today (Monday 18th May 2020) for members golf only.

Dear members,

We opened our gates at 7.15am this morning to the delight of all.

All of our members had a safe and satisfying experience. We did have one or two pairs who do share households playing as well.

You will note from the photos some of our protocols in place, and the 18th green which is in top condition.

The feedback from all the members who had tee times from 7.30am through to 5pm has been that it was nice to get out and play, to see the changes made and the conditions of the courses.

Yes, playing in single balls is different; however, in time this will change. But for now it's just so good for our wellbeing to get out for exercise and loosen up those golf muscles.

I will not lose sight of those who have suffered or lost loved ones; however, on a brighter note it is also nice to see our members with a smile on their faces.

See you all very soon and stay safe,

Derek, General Manager

Please read our full notice for all the new rules and measures in place at our site.

Photos from our 18th May reopening

One response to “Cottrell Park important update: We’re back open!”

  1. Eugene Murphy says:


    Congratulations to you and the whole team for a very professional return to golf at Cottrell. As always everyone is so amicable, the organisation is impressive, the courses are superb……..only the golf is lacking in quality!